Earth Peoples’ Video Project is dedicated to carrying out and protecting the promise stated herein that was made to all who have come into the Earth Peoples circle. Earth Peoples’ work is motivated by trust with the intention that our collective efforts will result in a non-commercial, not-for-profit info-sharing film for the indigenous world that is molded and shaped by and for indigenous peoples.



Special Advisors are experts in their fields and will lend their expertise to the project.

Partners are responsible for the gathering of information, (video) film material, music, etc., from their peoples and regions included in the video. Partners will be responsible for maintaining on-going consultation with their peoples and members of their organizations throughout all phases of the video project. Partners will do their utmost to keep everyone as updated as possible, acting in a focal/outreach capacity. Partners will also be responsible for providing feedback from their indigenous communities and organizations, the translation of the final video into their languages and broad dissemination of the finished product.

A Steering Committee is being formed that will be composed of indigenous partners/focal points who have committed themselves to cooperate fully in the work process, and have a broad knowledge of the various issues indigenous peoples face. It will be their task to make final decisions for their respective regions and areas of expertise concerning our work.



In order to promote communication, Earth Peoples has employed various modes of communication, including hand delivery, regular mail, radio, telephone, our website and e-mail, to gather and exchange information, and communicate with our partners throughout the world.

The purpose of Earhtpeoples web site is not to inform the public. Rather, it is intended as a forum for partners to work together and communicate with each other. Because the website is a working forum containing our personal biographies, thoughts and ideas, password access guarantees confidentiality and secure access. And perhaps most importantly, video and audio updates of our rough edited draft film footage will be posted seeking consensus among our partners.



There will be four stages:

  1. In the preliminary stage, short edited clips of the video will be broadcast on the Earth Peoples website
  2. In the second stage, a work-in-progress video will be disseminated to our partners for consultation with their respective peoples and indigenous peoples organizations (IPO’s)
  3. In the third stage, a screening of an edited (1 1/2 hours) version of the "final" work in progress will be held at United Nations Headquarters in consultation with indigenous representatives from around the world
  4. In the final stage, dissemination of the video in VHS format will be sent to our partners, indigenous peoples organizations (IPO’s), indigenous educators and communities. All further dissemination will be coordinated by our partners within their respective regions to share the video with indigenous educators, activists, organizations and communities for training programs, at meetings, conferences, in the market place, and at social gatherings.

We encourage Indigenous Peoples to copy and share the video "Earth Peoples"freely for non-commercial purposes.