Our goal is to create a non-profit, info-sharing video project for the world’s indigenous peoples. The video, titled "Earth Peoples," is being molded and shaped by a growing collective circle of indigenous partners and advisers from all over the world.

Let's bring our energy, vision, experiences and dreams together. Let's collectively speak about our issues and visions of our lands to build bonds that tie us as the true peoples of this earth.

Through this union of ideas and good minds working together, we can retain the rhythm of our sacred cultures, using modern media to create an informational tool to empower all of us.

Our circle of partners is open to join, and together we can begin to make things happen!

Please take the time to read about our Educational Video Project, and let us know if you feel it is a good initiative.

In order to be a transparent circle, we ask each partner to fill out our questionaire, and to write a personal narrative and include a photo. Please share who you are, from which peoples and region and environment you come from, etc.

If you would like to join us in our project,
please click here join us to fill out our questionaire.