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Namibia: Indigenous Himba and Zemba – LETTER TO THE OMBUDSMAN JOHN ROBERT WALTERS (March 25, 2013)

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

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OPUWO, March 25, 2013

Dear Ombudsman Mr. John Robert Walters

We, the Ovahimba, Ovatwa, Ovatjimba and Ovazemba, also known as Himba and Zemba, are gathered here in Opuwo for our third manifestation in Opuwo this year, because we are unhappy, and decided to write you a letter.

We have received information that your good Office is in communication with third concerned parties about our 2012 human rights violations Declarations, two from us Himba, one from us Zemba. But we haven’t gotten the impression that your regional office as well as your headquarters office has been available or accessible for us.

What we are envisioning from you is active and effective help to tackle our grievances and serious problems that we feel that we face in Namibia.

Some of them are dealing with legislation, others with insufficient implementation of the law, while in some cases the very policies and laws are in contradiction to our differentiated needs as well as rights that we do have as indigenous peoples.

For your convenience we include hardcopies of our two 2012 Human Rights violation complaint Declarations in this letter, as you know, both have been submitted to the United Nations and to the African Union.

We as semi-nomadic people have difficulties to travel with our communities to far distances due to money restrains and because of our livestock. Therefore we would like to ask you to come to us, and to hold several meetings in our regions and communities.

We hope to hear from you soon, best through the contact of our Councilor’s for each constituency, who would inform us and would coordinate with each other and arrange the meetings with you and us.

If that is not possible, please come back to us with other suggestions so that we will talk to each other in person.

We, the Signees gathered here in Opuwo, on behalf of our community members that stayed behind with our animals are looking forward to receive your response,

Respectfully yours