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BRAZIL: Munduruku celebrate suspended construction of hydro dams in Tapajós River region

Saturday, July 6th, 2013
Munduruku (Foto © Rebecca Sommer)

Munduruku (Foto © Rebecca Sommer)

While the indigenous Munduruku tribe welcomed the government’s decision, they are considering it as nothing more that a partial victory. Pressed by two months of fierce resistance, the Brazilian Government finally suspended the construction of hydro dams in Tapajós River region. The Munduruku People organized together with other groups of NGO’s and indigenous supporters a multitude of actions including two occupations that paralyzed construction of the Belo Monte hydroelectric power plant for a total of 17 days. They also halted the Tapajós study group which intended to carry out unsanctioned studies on rivers Teles Pires and Tapajós, where 13 thousand Munduruku live.  “We will continue in our struggle… We want the studies and works to be cancelled” said spokesperson Paygomuyatpu Munduruku.

BRAZIL: Mining Conflict leaves one indigenous Mundurucu dead and six wounded

Monday, November 12th, 2012

By Rebecca Sommer

Munduruku Elder (Photo © Rebecca Sommer)

Munduruku Elder (Photo © Rebecca Sommer)

Federal Police operation “ Eldorado” against illegal mining in Indigenous Territory (IT) by the name Kaiabi, last Wednesday, on the border of Mato Grosso and Pará, resulted in confrontation between police officers and indigenous ethnic Mundurucu, leaving one dead, six wounded and 17 arrested (but later released from prison). After the confrontation in the Mundurucu village Teles Pires, whose circumstances are not yet fully understood by the author, the Federal Police suspended the illegal mining clean-up operation. The National Indian Foundation (Funai) released a statement late in the afternoon last Friday. (Translation of the original below)

What exactly happened between the Federal Police and the indigenous ethnic Mundurucu, is yet no fully understood. On Friday a Brazilian local news channel reported that the body of a dead Mundurucu was discovered on Wednesday, during the confrontation, which was found in the Teles Pires River, killed by a bullet. The latest information to this date was that two Indigenous men and four police officers have been wounded and hospitalized. That the two indigenous men were transferred to a hospital in Cuiabá.

On Thursday (8/11), the indigenous community of the village Teles Pires publicized a letter in which they say that helicopters landed with agents, that raided their village.

The 17 Mundurucu who were arrested on Wednesday, testified in Sinop and were released to return to the village. It was reported that Federal Police provided the transportation to take them back. Because of the conflict, the Federal Police operation that was unleashed to combat illegal gold mining in several Brazilian states, including the region where the village Teles Pires, was according to local media reports suspended.

According to the Federal Police confrontation began when the agents began to destroy mining equipment and were attacked with arrows. At the time of the conflict, two agents of the Funai accompanied the operation of the Federal Police, according to information from the press office of the Funai. In the late afternoon of Friday, the Funai released a statement about what happened.


Funai Statement regarding the Eldorado operation of the Federal Police, in the Indigenous Territory Kayabi

Regarding the events surrounding Operation Eldorado, of the Federal Police, Funai states that it had appointed two Funai officials to monitor the actions triggered in the Indigenous Kayabi, bordering the states of Mato Grosso and Pará.

During the operation, there was confrontation that resulted in police and indigenous wounded. According to information from Funai in the region, there was also the death of an Indian.

Some indigenous already testified to police in Sinop (MT), and returned to the village today.

Funai is monitoring the situation and awaiting the investigation of cause of death by the competent bodies, while providing the necessary assistance to indigenous individuals involved in the episode.

National Indian Foundation (Funai) Brasilia, November 9, 2012