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Earth Peoples co-founder Arthur Manuel passed away, 66-years-old.

Friday, January 13th, 2017

Dear Earth Peoples.
Arthur Manuel was always working hard.
Tiokasin Ghosthorse brought me to collaborate with Rebecca Sommer, one of my best friends… and this is where I met Arthur. I was very glad to from the start. I was in line with him in the cafeteria at the UN during the indigenous peoples caucus for the Earth Peoples partners event. I got some coffee and was going to sit down at the table he was at. Arthur said with warning…you might not want to sit there. I said oh is this seat taken? He said no its just that you might not want to be associated with me. A lot of people do not like me.
I looked around over my shoulders and said.. jokingly I said….want me to beat them up for you? He laughed a lot. That was the comical and genuine relationship that I had with him from the start. He is someone I am honored to say has changed my life and i can call him my favorite person and a best friend. I am so thrilled that I had the opportunity to know Arthur.
Arthur was my Earth Peoples brother, a child of our mother Earth and I loved him very much. I always looked up to him for saving the world. I remember saying to Arthur that I hope that I can somehow make a difference in the world like he does. I would like to make my life meaningful. He said Elaine, You don’t want to do what i do. He said… I am not complaining but Elaine, you have the creative arts and you can work in that medium and be effective. As you do…. and it seems more fun. That meant a lot to me. I appreciate that with all of my heart. I hope that i can send that message through my art so that I can make him proud and maybe send some laughs too.
He lives forever in our hearts. He lived. I only hope that I can too live a life that makes the ancestors proud  as was well.

Book Arhur ManualHis last writing to me was when he signed his book
Unsettling Canada
for me with the words “May the world be good to you my friend.

He will be greatly missed!!!


North American Indigenous Peoples Caucus calls for immediate cancellation of the United Nations World Conference on Indigenous Peoples

Saturday, March 22nd, 2014

In a bold act of resistance to being denied an equal role in the World Conference on Indigenous Peoples, the North American Indigenous Peoples Caucus has called for the immediate cancellation of the United Nations event and promised to encourage other regions to join in a global consensus to stop it from taking place.

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At the North American Indigenous Peoples Caucus meeting which was hostet at Secwepemc Nation Territories, Great Turtle Island, the North American Indigenous Peoples Caucus (NAIPC) called for CANCELLATION of the United Nations High Level Plenary Meeting (aka the World Conference on Indigenous Peoples) and withdrew officially from the Global Coordinating Group (GCG)

One of EARTH PEOPLES co-founder’s,  Arthur Manuel, former NAIPC Co-chair on YouTube ( March 3, 2014): Watch Tupac’s VIDEO in English + Spanish:

NAIPC calls for CANCELLATION of United Nations HLPM/WCIP


Also read the North American Indigenous Peoples Caucus (NAIPC) letter from April 1, 2014,  correcting and disputing Mr. Ashe’s (United Nations President of the General Assembly) suggestions that an unified indigenous position has been achieved regarding the High Level Plenary Meeting on Indigenous Peoples, and that in fact the NAIPC withdrew from it and any further participation because the modalities that were adopted by the UN for the HLPM meeting did not respect the full, equal and effective participation of Indigenous Peoples with UN state members.

Read the original NAIPC 1 April 2014 letter here

Video: Arthur Manuel – Idle? Know More!

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013

Arthur Manuel, one of Earth Peoples co-founders, is the spokesperson for the Indigenous Network on Economies and Trade and Defenders of the Land network. In this video, he speaks at the Idle? Know More! event on January 22nd 2013 held in Vancouver, unceded Coast Salish Territories

WATCH VIDEO Arthur Manuel, at the Idle? Know More! event

Arthur Manuel (PHOTO © Rebecca Sommer for Earth Peoples)

Arthur Manuel (PHOTO © Rebecca Sommer for Earth Peoples)

The former chairperson of the Interior Alliance of BC First Nations, Arthur has been a leading voice of opposition to the Canadian government’s agenda to “extinguish” Aboriginal and Treaty rights and assimilate Indigenous peoples into the Canadian body politic. Active locally in Secwepemc land struggles, and at the national level, he has also taken the struggle international at United Nations conferences and meetings, such as the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, following in the path of his father, the late George Manuel, President of the National Indian Brotherhood and founder of the World Council of Indigenous Peoples.