Ecuador – Indigenous Peoples tell UN: NO REDD!


Not officially translated into English yet. The letter dated July 4, 2011 is from the IV Congress of the CONAIE (Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities and Peoples of Ecuador) to the UN Secretary-General and the Executive Secretaries of the UNFCCC and the CBD and categorically rejects REDD of any kind. (Ecuador recently was chosen for special funds from UN-REDD).
Here are some key quotes:
“…REDD is not a real solution to climate change.
REDD threatens Peoples’ rights to their territories as well as the balance of Mother Earth and her inhabitants, since it does not change the disparity of the pollution nor the unbridled consumption of industrial capitalism. Therefore, we reject the implementation of UN-REDD projects in Ecuador because they violate the integrity of us as peoples and of our territories.
We oppose the policies that are being developed in Ecuador, such as Socio Bosque as well as the new environmental norms (Environmental Code, Regulation on Environmental Services) that pretend to commodify our forests, water and biodiversity. Similarly, we reject the private sector’s efforts to take over our land and sell environmental services.”
“We cannot allow REDD projects to be implemented in Ecuador be they part of UN programmes or the carbon market.
We cordially request that you convey this resolution of the IV Congress of the [Indigenous] Nationalities and Peoples to the corresponding UN authorities to halt the implementation of REDD in Ecuador.
Lastly, we wish to make perfectly clear with this letter that any negotiation on REDD that the Government of the Republic of Ecuador has had with the UN has been done without consulting us and against the will of the IV Congress which categorically rejects the implementation of REDD in Ecuador.”
Humberto Cholango
President of the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities and Peoples of Ecuador CONAIE

To download letter in spanish click here

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