Indigenous Peoples Under the Rule of Islam


This book has been in the process of writing for over 10 years. Since I left Iraq in the summer of 1964 and my immigration from Kuwait in 1971, I have closely followed the events that have developed in the Islamic world. Being an Assyrian national, I found that life in Iraq was unbearably difficult due to my indigenous nationality. Nor were my experiences unique, but were instead shared by many other Assyrians from Iraq and other Islamic countries. The injustice of my personal experiences in Iraq, the sadness of having to leave my home country, and awareness that this was a common circumstance for many other Assyrians, left my mind pondering over the issue of the unrecognised plight of the Assyrian people.

Over the years while monitoring news and the general media on Islamic developments, I came to realise that the dire situation the Assyrians found themselves in was similar to many other indigenous peoples throughout the world under Islamic rule. This realisation led me to wonder as to why do such similarities occur in the experiences of indigenous people under Islamic rule.

Islamic rule emanates from the Koranic teachings and the Hadeeth (the sayings and deeds of Mohammad) based on The Abode of Peace (Dar Al-Silm), and The Abode of War (Dar Al-Harb); and the Islamic (shari’a) law, the aim of which is to establish one unilateral Islamic Nation covering the whole world.

This book describes the rigidity and controlled lifestyle of the indigenous people under the chaotic ruling system of the Islamic world. Their freedom is suppressed and they are under constant cultural genocide. They are alienated, dispossessed and placed under a blanket of silence, insulated from world media. They are under pressure to either adapt to the Islamic rule and accept the fait accompli or perish.

The aim of this publication is two fold. First, to acquaint the world with, and alert it to, the hidden agenda of the oriental colonization and Islamisation process of the natives that fall within the states of their expanding Abode of Peace of the Islamic Nation. Second, to emphasise that the international community has a moral obligation to guarantee the aboriginals constitutional protection from such undemocratic regimes or help them free themselves from their adversary.


This publication is not directed against any religion, it is not designed to impose any religious views or beliefs on others. Nor it is directed at any person or government but rather against undemocratic and corrupt systems of government. Its main purpose is to demonstrate the futility of maintaining justice under an authoritarian rule. The call for puritanism is as dangerous as totalitarianism. There is no such thing as a perfect system on earth; yet a government based on sound democratic principles is the nearest to such a system. Individual freedom of expression, worship, association and assembly, constituted within the framework of a secular civil code, guarantee the individual the sacred freedom of choice.

Freedom of choice is the most sacred right of a citizen. Without infringement on the democratic rights of others, a citizen in a democracy may pursue what he or she may find most appropriately accommodating, without fear of backlash. Authoritarianism impedes progress and stifles life.

Governing laws should be secular, not sectarian. They should serve and protect the individual and the weak against the strong rather than subject him to racial and sectarian laws of a biased creed. What a person believes in, and how he serves his Creator, is his business so long as his practice is not disrespectful, dangerous or injurious to himself or others. Imposition of one’s will by coercion on others is repression. It is another form of persecution; it is unacceptable.


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