Pentagon preparing for mass civil breakdown over climate and energy shocks

For those who still work hard to convince the public about the hope of incremental U.S. climate policy improvements, please see that there is no sincerity in any of their climate policy rhetoric.  The elites who are really in control know full well the true calamity ahead, yet dole out only empty words masquerading as glass-half-full climate policies, that they know even if these were real measures, would not have been enough to save anything.  All they really care about is how to suppress protests, uprisings and insurgencies with military might, in the not so distant future, to preserve their power, while they try to control the planet’s last oil and gas reserves and other “strategic” resources to continue with their profits.  These people are insane.

Here are two well researched article by Dr. Nafeez Ahmed in the Guardian, UK.
Pentagon preparing for mass civil breakdown
Social science is being militarised to develop ‘operational tools’ to target peaceful activists and protest movements
Pentagon bracing for public dissent over climate and energy shocks
NSA Prism is motivated in part by fears that environmentally-linked disasters could spur anti-government activism
The second article above links to an important piece of news from 1 year ago, about the U.S. military’s domestic role:
U.S. Military ‘Power Grab’ Goes Into Effect
Pentagon Unilaterally Grants Itself Authority Over ‘Civil Disturbances’
by Jed Morey on May 14, 2013
Some highlights from the last article:
Bruce Afran, a civil liberties attorney and constitutional law professor …: “It’s no different than the emergency powers clause in the Weimar constitution [of the German Reich]. It’s a grant of emergency power to the military to rule over parts of the country at their own discretion.”
The most substantial change is the notion of “civil disturbance” as one of the few “domestic emergencies” that would allow for the deployment of military assets on American soil.
As far as what might qualify as a civil disturbance, Afran notes, “In the Sixties all of the Vietnam protests would meet this description. We saw Kent State. This would legalize Kent State (massacre of student protesters of 1970).”

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