NASA and DHS To Demonstrate heartbeat finding radar tool for disaster rescue

Comment by Maggie Zhou

With coming climate disasters and associated manmade disasters to be anticipated, it would seem that better disaster rescue tools are great, right?

Well, any invention or discovery, even those with great promise for the betterment of human existence, can also be a deadly tool in the hands of the empire.  Here is another example.  Nominally the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (the same folks that Edward Snowden has been exposing) has now this new radar device that detects heartbeats of victims trapped in wreckage.  It can locate individuals buried under as much as 30 feet of crushed materials, hidden behind 20 feet of solid concrete, or from a distance of 100 feet in open spaces.  It can even distinguish the unique signature of a human’s breathing pattern and heartbeat from that of other living creatures, such as rats.

Read more about it here

Contemplate its implications … when it’s used AGAINST the people.

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