The undersigning international groups, social movements and organizations from different areas, strongly condemn the imperialist maneuvers of the United States Government and its economic interests, who once again are making preparations to invade a country with the excuse of wanting to promote peace.
We however know, as we have learned from history, that US invasions only generate more deaths and misery for the people who suffer their attacks as in the case of Vietnam, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Iraq and many other countries that have had to endure US intervention.
The New York Times editorial of August 27th, notes that “there is little doubt now that President Obama is planning some sort of military response” in Syria. The monarchist daily El Pais in Spain also highlights the topic on its cover today. Large hegemonic media is setting the stage to legitimize this intervention, which, as we all know lurks geopolitical control purposes over an area of the world that is strategic to imperialist interests.
The use of chemical weapons must be condemned in any part of the world. However in this case, there is no clear information on who is using them. Also, what transnational company is producing them? Nor is it clear who has been selling these weapons.
We, the peoples of Latin America, will remain alert and strongly condemn the actions of the United States, as the people of Cuba are already condemning. The United States, global police state, now commanded by a Nobel peace prize winner, has violated all relevant UN bodies with the complicity of white imperial European countries (France, United Kingdom), it imposes “peace” in the world by force of arms. It’s the “peace” of cemeteries.
Regardless of the position towards the government of Syria, the defense of the autonomy of our Syrian brothers and sisters must be the main and common flag of social movements worldwide.
For a true global peace with social justice, independence and sovereignty of the peoples of the world, we must denounce by all means this serious situation,

Americas, August 27, 2013.

Signed by:
Secretaria Continental de los Movimientos Sociales hacia el ALBA
Frente Popular Dario Santillan – Corriente Nacional Argentina
Juventud Guevarista – Argentina
Marea Popular – Argentina
Movimento dos Trabalhadores Rurais Sem Terra – MST – Brasil
Movimiento por la Unidad Latinoamericana y el cambio social – Argentina
Via campesina Brasil
Hugo Chavez Peoples’ Defense Front – Canada
Barrio Nuevo – Canada

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