UNFCCC: Venezuela proposes Pre-COP 2014 for grassroots and social movements voice

UNFCCC Bonn: The Venezuelan government (via Claudia Salerno) will host the Pre COP 2014 and are proposing to have more of a focus on a ‘Peoples preCOP’ whereby grassroots and social movements will be able to engage in the in a more substantive manner. Currently civil society only get 3mins (if you are lucky) intervention and are excluded from high level segment meetings.

“The Venezuelan government proposal is to ensure that the PreCOP is not a market place or business COP as currently is the case”, (particularly since they claim to be a socialist country), “We believe people have the power to organize themselves outside of NGOs, there are many other forms to organize”, “We need a commitment that involves governments and society. Governments alone will not be able to plan what we need to do. Communities alone will not be able to do it”, “politically need to listen to everybody” Salerno added.

They will consider the format/process to merge the cso inputs as they want a space to consider things not normally discussed at a COP. They also wanted the processes linked i.e. cso PreCOP to COP.

This is something similar to Bolivia’s call to Cochabamba only that the processes will be more closely linked to the PreCOP than what Cochabamba did.
To read The Cochabamba Protocol: People’s Agreement on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth click here

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