By Rebecca Sommer

In an impressively bold action, the source of the NSA leaks identified himself and his reasons.

I do not want to live in such a world”

Me neither.

Our hero’s name is Edward Snowden, 29 years young. He worked for several years as an IT analyst for the CIA, and later at NSA surveillance subcontractor Booz Allen Hamilton. He was among “thousands upon thousands” of such analysts hired to manage and sift through “huge amounts of data.” Yours and mine.

Edward fled to Hong Kong in the hope that the U.S. would have difficulties to get access to him, but ultimately he wants to seek asylum in Iceland. Sadly, Iceland announced that its asylum procedure demands the person to apply within the country, and not from the outside. Ridiculous, if there is political will – there is a way. Come on Iceland, let this brave man have his deserved freedom in your hauntingly beautiful country!

I hope that the Icelandic people will stand up for him, and pressure their government to make an exception to the asylum rules.

In the meantime, leftist German party “Linke” requested that Germany must grant him asylum – which is the exact right move any government should do, and I am sure that ~7 billion people from around the world agree.

So let’s start to demand this from our governments!

When Edward Snowden explained his motivation to leak the information despite the fact that he knew that he would be targeted by the US, he said that he does not want to live in a world in which you have no privacy. In addition:

“You can not wait around for someone else to act. I had been looking for leaders, but I did realized leadership is about being the first to act…. I don’t want to live in a society that does these sort of things”

One could now summarize a lot of what Glenn Greenwald writes in the Guardian about it, or what Snowden says in the video interview with Greenwald. But you can also just watch yourself there. Again: Impressive.

Edward Snowden, THANK YOU.

WATCH VIDEO at the original source ! The Guardian

Daniel Ellsberg, who in 1971 leaked the Pentagon Papers, and thus uncovered massive wrongdoing by the U.S. government during the Vietnam War, was quoted as saying that he has been waiting for such a moment for 40 years.

Glenn Greenwald, the Guardian journalist,  who should really get the Pulitzer Prize for the entire NSA stories this week, points out that Snowden is not on Facebook or Twitter, so all subsequent sounding accounts are fake.

For the matter of fact, I also refused to open a Facebook or Twitter account, suspicious that it was/is a spy machine. Little did I knew that any information that I was sending and receiving through my personal e-mail account, my skype conversations, my pdf or word files, my pictures . . are surveilled and stored by Prism for years anyhow, and my human right to privacy severely violated.

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