BRAZIL: Indigenous Peoples Munduruku occupied Belo Monte to raise awareness about their opposition to planned dams in the Tapajós River

Munduruku  (Foto @ Rebecca Sommer)

Munduruku (Foto @ Rebecca Sommer)

The Munduruku occupied Belo Monte this week, which is for the 2nd time this month. They oppose the planned dams in the Tapajós river and use these occupations of Belo Monte to press for FPIC -consultations.

They were ordered to leave the site but refused to leave. They now fear police violence, should authorities decide to remove them by force.

It is a very interesting development, as they are much more numerous and they re-organised the four-river alliance, among indigenous.

Lot of info, and letter’s published over the days, read

The site of brazilian NGO Xingu Vivo gives some more context, as well as high def pictures and videos.

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