About 700 indigenous people occupying the House of representatives

Source: Cimi

About 700 indigenous people have transferred the Indigenous to an occupation in April the Chamber of Deputies on the Esplanade of the ministries in the Federal District on Tuesday (16). The decision was taken by the Indians during the public hearing convened by the parliamentary front in defense of the indigenous. The indigenous leaders claim that only come out of the Congress when the front bench, House Commission that will extinguish the PEC 215/2000 among parliamentarians.

“We do not accept nonegotiation or dialogue type m for PEC 215. What we want is for the Commission to be undone, “said Sonia Guajajara, leadership of the APIB (Articulation of the indigenous peoples of Brazil). The Mayor, Henrique Eduardo Alves (PMDB/RN) was present at the public hearing after much pressure from the indigenous movement. On the claim of indigenous peoples, only said that he would ask the party leaders who do not indicate to the Commission representatives of the PEC 215 until the situation was good for all parties.

“No President, we do not accept this. Therefore, we will stay here (in occupation to Congress) for an indefinite period “.

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