Mohawk John Kane: Most censored issue in 2012 was the truth about UN Rapporteur James Anaya

First in a series of the most censored issues of 2012

By Brenda Norrell, Censored News

TUCSON, Ariz. — What was most censored in Indian country in 2012? John Kane, Mohawk, radio host of Let’s Talk Native Pride, said the UN Special Rapporteur for Indigenous Peoples James Anaya was the most censored issue in 2012.
Kane said, “I think the story around James Anaya was the most mischaracterized and one of the most censored stories.
“Who he is, who he met with in his ‘whirlwind tour’ and his findings were pathetic. The primary observation about the overall condition of Native people was that we needed access to sacred sites?
“Poverty, suicides, domestic violence, violence against women, drop out rates, drug and alcohol issues, continued assimilation, puppet tribal governments, real land claims (not just the right to pray on a site) and he comes up with a recommendation for access and control of certain sacred sites.
“I have news for Mr. Anaya, it’s all sacred. TO READ ENTIRE ARTICLE click here


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