COICA’s+WWF’s Indigenous REDD+ proposal – without knowledge of indigenous grassroots

By Earth Peoples

Juan Carlos Jintiach  at Rio+20 with indigenous youth dressed in US Department of Agriculture-The Nature Conservancy-USAID "Partner" T-shirts (PHOTO © REBECCA SOMMER)

Juan Carlos Jintiach at Rio+20 with indigenous youth dressed in US Department of Agriculture-The Nature Conservancy-USAID "Partner" T-shirts (PHOTO © REBECCA SOMMER)

COICA’s & Co’s professional UN conference hoppers (heavily funded and courted by pro-REDD Ford Foundation, the World Bank, Norway, WWF, Conservation International, UNAID, the Nature Conservancy, Environmental Defense Fund and others) held 18 May 2012 an Indigenous REDD+ event in Bonn, at the prep-meeting towards the UN Climate conference.

It was  Juan Carlos Jintiach, “International Cooperation Specialist” for COICA, that shared “his people’s” vision towards Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD+).

In October 2012, an international delegation including indigenous leaders from Mexico, Brazil and Ecuador visited California, to oppose California’s proposed carbon offset scheme.

The “No REDD! Tour” has generated a sometimes heated debate.

Truth spoken by Mililani Trask (Photo © Rebecca Sommer)

Truth spoken by Mililani Trask at Earth Peoples REDD oneOone side event (Photo © Rebecca Sommer)

Earth Peoples sponsored a side event “REDD oneOone”, during the 8th Session of the PFII.
Mililani Trask was one of the outspoken truth-speakers. Her speech can be viewed in two video recordings, especially interesting in the second Video are her shared thoughts regarding a balancing test between rights and wrongs, the UNDRIP, UNDHR and “What happens to the rights of our Peoples?”
Video 1

When  Juan Carlos Jintiach and a dozen indigenous individuals and members of COICA announced 30 December 2012 the Indigenous REDD+ proposal at the UN Climate Change negotiations in Doha, that could be implemented with or without the carbon market, Indigenous groups, nations, peoples, that live on the ground had no say, no information, no knowledge, no consultation, and therefore no clue about what COICA is saying on their behalf at the international level.

“What has now been introduced as Indigenous REDD+ by COICA, is a long awaited proposal by indigenous peoples from the Amazon…” is stated at the WWF website, that started to “support” COICA since 2008, surely as soon as the false solution to climate change (REDD) became the newest fashion inside UN walls as well as outside.

“This is major contribution to the construction of the REDD+ mechanism, since it … promotes further cooperation of all parties…” continues WWF’s website article.

Maybe good for them – but bad for the people and bad for the climate.

“Our organization remains vigilant in its climate justice agenda seeking systems change not climate change. The continued UNFCCC attempts trying to establish assurances of a uncertain carbon market trading system is a false solution. The REDD+ implementation plans of the UNFCCC is a fundamentally flawed symptom of a deeper problem, not a step forward. It is a distraction that Mother Earth does not have time for. We should build on the many existing examples of successful forest conservation and restoration rather than investing billions of dollars in an untested, uncertain and questionable REDD+ scheme that is likely to undermine the environmental and social goals of the climate regime rather than support them.” Said Tom Goldtooth, director from the Indigenous Environmental Networrk in Doha.

“We only have One Mother Earth – let’s do what we can to stop global warming and halt this climate crisis.” Goldtooth added.

About a month ago, Earth Peoples was informed by European state representatives that the Coordinator of Indigenous Organizations of the Amazon Basin (COICA) had sent the Indigenous REDD+ proposal to states, with the goal to seek partnerships –  and ultimately, funding.

Some individuals of national indigenous organizations that belong to the rainforest regions in South America that are members of COICA responded to Earth Peoples that there was no decision being made by the people, nor at COICA meetings such as in Manaus with all members on the table, nor at Rio+20 at the Indigenous tent (Free Land Camp) on such Indigenous REDD+ proposal.

NO REDD! Pencil (Earth Peoples)

NO REDD! Pencil (Earth Peoples)

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