Secretary-General of the Society for Threatened Peoples (STP) and the Society for Threatened Peoples International (STPI) charged for embezzlement of money

By Society for Threatened Peoples International Watch STPI-Watch
November 1, 2012

Since 2012, German state prosecutors are investigating the Secretary-General of two organizations, the Society for Threatened Peoples (STP) and the Society for Threatened Peoples International (STPI), for embezzlement of money.

The organization’s former board of directors had uncovered evidence of financial irregularities, which had prompted the boards chair and vice chair to file charges against the STP-STPI Secretary-General.

State prosecutor Frank-Michael Laue declared that the accused is alleged that he enriched himself at the expense of the organization’s assets and to have harmed the organization.

Betterworld commented on the Society for Threatened Peoples International Watch blog: The internal group, the staff of the Society for Threatened Peoples, they are collecting fees from members, and are fundraising for human rights issues, but the money is not going back to the actual people nor issues that this “human rights” group claims to work for, it goes into their personal pockets, starting from the Society for Threatened Peoples GfbV Switzerland to the Bosnia office staff that receives payment under the table and doesn’t pay tax on it, to the German GfbV. The Italian branch survives only for the name”Italy”, paid by Germany from dirty money.

Navždy said: Not to forget how Mato Dujmusic, the personal assistant of the “King” of the Society of Threatened Peoples got beaten up by Zülch, after Mato “dared” to tell the former board of directors the TRUTH. During the former board of directors investigation about the disappearance or irregularities in the accounting of huge amounts of moneys, Mato gave the GfbV-board important insider information, he knew that this was the right thing to do, that it was his duty. The result: He was blackmailed, very badly treated by the German staff , and he lost his job and health. And he did nothing but telling the truth to the organizations board of directors that was elected by its members. Tillman even went to Mato’s home in the dark, at night, to frighten and bully him. Mato filed charges against the Society for Threatened Peoples, and won his court case against the organization GfbV and Tilman Zülch. This former board of directors did for the first time what was long due, they checked the books, found evidence of irregularities and began to question, to investigate. The staff and their King refused to give answers. The blackmailing circle, for which the GfbV and their King are so well known, began. It went so far that the board of directors had no access to any information, books, accounting, dialogue.

K Kistan posted in November 2012, that the STP Kurdistan branch in Iraque, that claims to be “non” governmental is actually governmental. The Society for Threatened Peoples Irak office is paid by the government of Iraque. I mean, what kind of conflict of interests are we talking about when an organization that claims to advocate human rights is actually paid by the perpetrator?

Solidarity posted November 13, 2012 on the Society for Threatened Peoples International Watch blog: Vividly, I remember what happened at the extraordinary General Assembly of the GfbV Austria in Vienna 2008, Albert Schweitzer Haus: Due to difficulties with some former staff members who were friends of “great Tilman Zülch”, Zülch initiated a coup, a network of peoples who had been intentionally misinformed, had been manipulated in order to crash the extraordinary General Assembly. Sadly, besides tough discussions and efforts of the Austrian GfbV Team to deescalate, even PHYSICAL violence took place. Finally, a mob forcefully entered the room of the extraordinary General Assembly. A guy – actually the janitor who was in charge of security of the mentioned place – got strongly pushed aside. Before, a guy, who finally got identified as a relative of Zülch, rammed his head against the chest of one of the members of the Austrian GfbV, who got injured at that incident.
Zülch just tried to overtake the extraordinary General Assembly. Police came and noted the incident but in order to deescalate the GfbV Austria decided not to press charges and best somebody arrested at a “Human Rights NGO Meeting”. Although this incident was an absolutely shame, options and possibilities for actions of the then legally still same Austrian GfbV Team were scarce. The time scenario for litigation about 2 years, though successful prospects – litigation costs too high, besides reputation of the whole GfbV already harmed. So the entire team decided to leave the GfbV Austria and let Zülch and some other guys continue their manipulations. Interestingly, in the meanwhile the succeeding team, the one in conformity with Zülch, also battled each other several times and divided. Thus, today it is again a team very different then the one after the coup. Some of the persons in partnership with Zülch and involved in the coup quickly had to experience on their own the horrible conditions within the tyrannic structures of Zülch made GfbV.

Innen nach Aussen said November 15, 2012: Very important to know: The Society for Threatened Peoples International (STPI) experienced last year a serious coup, that is unknown to the public, and well hidden by the group to this day)

Prior to the coup, the so called international NGO had closed their bank account +office in Luxembourg, (hiding money there, and the responsible from Luxembourg got cold feet’s?!).

After the Society for Threatened Peoples International (STPI) canceled their status as an international NGO in Luxembourg, they didn’t existed legally for some years, even so they forgot to notify the European Council or the United Nations about it. Upps ! The STPI just continued as if nothing happened, acting as if they are an international NGO with status to the EC and UN. (Collecting funds?) . They also didn’t informed their regional members.

2011, the coup: The GfbV-Germany registered the “Society for Threatened Peoples International (STPI)” as a “newly formed” international NGO at the relevant governmental office in Berlin, Germany.

Who signed the paperwork for this illegitimate “international” NGO registration was: Zulch himself (GfbV-Deutschland), his wife, his employee that is cleaning at his private home, Yvonne Bangert (his GfbV employee), Marlene Mock (his employee, the German GfbV accountant, by now she got rewarded and is the managing director of the GfbV Deutschland). And from all GfbV branches the only one informed was the GfbV Austria director. She came for 2 days to Germany to sign the paperwork to form and register the illegitimate NGO (don’t forget, it was a coup), but she missed to inform in the hallways the German GfbV board of directors, that she met during the two days of her visit in the German GfbV office.

None of the other GfbV branches had any knowledge about this. The German GfbV board of directors (the ones that found out about embezzlement of moneys that filed at the end charges ..the ones that got therefore mobbed out by the GfbV) had also no knowledge about this.

It is important that you understand that the former “Society for Threatened Peoples International had a structure, a mission statement in which it was clearly defined that the so called “international” STPI must be a collective of all country based NGOs that carry the same name, (GfbV, or in english translation: Society for Threatened Peoples). All this was ignored, and they got away with it.

Just to be clear, this NGO is hiding very dark and dirty stories. More to come.”

Another comment made by Redhorse suggested that “Someone should look into their humanitarian projects. I bet that Lakota hasn’t received a dime, even so the Society for Threatened Peoples website is collecting donations for several Lakota projects.”

Far East Man made yet another comment about the organization:First and foremost, this organization is ‘supposed’ to be a not for profit group with the goal of helping those in need around the world. If indeed it is so, why has it taken a court of law for them to open their books to show that there has been no inappropriate use of donated funds.
Honest people donate hard earned money so that they can help others.
Comments above that name Zulch as ‘great’ and ‘king’ have no place here. That alone says that there is a problem.
Human nature tells us that there are greedy and dishonest people that are out to better themselves and they are not out to help. Only to help themselves.
There is definately something rotten here and this organization should be made to come forward, show all financial documents and all parties involved should be questioned in a court of law.
Afterall, if nothing wrong has been done, what is there to hide?
All not for profit organizations should be governed and controlled by a strict set of standards that prohibits the type of things happening here today.

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