Civil society march in protest to UNFCCC climate negotiations in Doha

Today, 3000 civil society representatives from around the world marched 2.6 KM to demand urgent and efficient action in the UN conference for Climate Change COP18 currently taking place in Qatar.

They demand from the decision makers at the COP 18 to officially pledge to reduce the emissions of the green house gases by 2020.

Activists from over 15 Arab countries have been among the participants of the civil society protest march, to similarly ask their leaders to lead the negotiations that are hosted for the  first time in an Arab country in favor of the planet and all life, and not in the interest of big business and false solutions to climate change, such as the carbon market, and programs such as REDD+.

civil society protest march map UNFCCC Doha

civil society protest march map UNFCCC Doha


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