Again: Civil Society representative Anjali Appadurai locked out of Climate Change negotiations in Doha ! Twitter campaign #UNFCCCpress

Hi all,
As some of you may know, Anjali Appadurai has been locked out of the negotiations based on the whim of the head of UN security, after polite and diplomatic negotiation with the secretariat and UN security, the final decision has been bumped up to Figueres. It’s time to turn the heat up on her. Earthinbrackets is here to work on substantive issues, our capacity is severely reduced because of this and we are sick of ours and others’ time being wasted. We’d appreciate a push on this so that we can get back to work.

Anjali Appadurai protesting at UNFCCC in Durban (Photo˙ College of the Atlantic)

Civil society Youth delegate Anjali Appadurai protesting at UNFCCC in Durban (Photo˙ College of the Atlantic)

Figueres has tweeted this: To put a question to me at Fri webcast #UNFCCC press conference (12:30 Doha time), use the hashtag #UNFCCCpress

She is practically begging for a twitter (and human) storm here, please tweet using these hashtags asking tough questions about how the role of civil society is to be taken seriously if we’re locked out of rooms, conferences, not allowed to give substantive interventions, etc…
If you are here in person and can, show up and do the same!

For a sample tweet, feel free to alter:
@cfigures how are we supposed to drive progress in negotiations if you lock our members out when they speak up? #UNFCCCpress @anjaliapp

READ Article from Charlie Butts, and watch videos from Anjali Appadurai speeches

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