VIDEO: “Sandy” = It’s Global Warming Stupid!

By Amy Goodmann © Democracy Now!:
“It’s Global Warming, Stupid”: As Bloomberg Backs Obama, News Media Ends Silence on Climate Change


The link between climate change and the devastation wrought by Superstorm Sandy across much of the Northeast was brought into focus Thursday when New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg endorsed President Obama, citing his policies on the environment. Just days before the elections, Bloomberg wrote: “We need leadership from the White House — and over the past four years, President Barack Obama has taken major steps to reduce our carbon consumption.” Bloomberg’s endorsement is particularly striking because much of the news media has barely mentioned climate change even in the lead-up or aftermath of the superstorm. There were also no questions addressed to the presidential candidates on climate change in the course of the presidential debates. One of the news outlets that has broken the silence on climate is the magazine Bloomberg Businessweek, whose cover story this week is called “It’s Global Warming, Stupid.” We’re joined by the story’s author and the magazine’s assistant managing editor, Paul Barrett. [includes rush transcript]


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