World’s first restorative justice sentencing for Ecocide crime – don’t miss it! and please help spread the word

This Saturday will see a world-first event, bringing a corporate CEO face to face with the victims of their crimes against the Earth through restorative justice.

The two fictional CEOs Robin Bannerman and John Tench who were found guilty of committing Ecocide last year in the UK Supreme Court will be sentenced, in a process involving top experts including Lawrence Kershen QC, chair of the Restorative Justice Council.

You can also watch the event online from wherever you are on:Ecoside’s livestream.

Can you help us spread the message about what’s happening?

Please forward this email to a friend and share via Facebook and Twitter (with the hashtags #Ecocide #Sentencing).
Please contact any journalists you know who may be interested and help spread the message through the media. There will be a live press conference via video link at the end of the day for journalists anywhere in the world.

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